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Born in 1955 in the shadow of the dolmen " La Roche aux Fées ", Christian ROLLAND spent his childhood on the “steps of Brittany”, then his adolescence to Saint-Malo, the rebel city of corsairs. Grandmother, mother and aunt have a certain gift for all which touches the drawing, the embroidery, painting... the art generally bringing him(her) early the desire(envy) to imitate his(her) elder daughters(sisters).

In the adolescence, it is the drawing, then very quickly the oil paint which allows him to express its passion and to give life to its creativity. In this explosive period of talented artists in the world of the BD, the author Philippe Druillet stimulates him to create works in the same vein, fantastic, dark and unbridled (" La Nuit ", "Salammbô"). His creations are mainly oil paints on painting, in the brush or in the knife. His adolescence also corresponds to the generation of the conquest of space, to the revolution of the astronomical discoveries, what will mark him profoundly for the themes in drawings and paints ...


Then opens a long professional period in the world of the computing where little of spare time is dedicated to the amateur astronomy, but especially to the paint. It is the period of the copies of masters (the school of the self-taughts, joining somewhere the young artists reproducing the paintings of museums), among which in particular Georges de La Tour, Rembrandt, Monet... With the accurate copy, the technique asserts itself, the brush is butter by the day, the tastes become refined. Towards the end of this period, he also start writing works of fiction. At the beginning of his professional retirement, four science fiction novels are born (" L'Envoyé ", " Amants Stellaires " in two volumes and the last one " Incertain temps ", published in 2014).


Freed from professional contingencies, Christian Rolland lives to Amilly ( Loiret), can dedicate himself to his passions: the painting and the astronomy. These inspire him a style allowing the creation of original works. He rediscovers the cosmic beauties through spatial images being a matter of the infinity, among which those of the telescope Hubble. Under the brush, its creation fills out in the course of the evolution of its technique, the objects of the universe take one any other dimension and the space is sublimated! It has for principle in particular, to modify in small touches the object of origin, in a way that every warned astronomer can recognize his own personal baby. His paints are going to associate from now on the natural marvels of our galaxy with the fantastic, mysterious entities, stemming from his fertile imagination where he draws the main part of his inspiration. He "illuminates the infinite horizon which runs away in the space" (Clark Ashton Smith) and in a waking dream "murmurs us to the look" another vision through these nebulas and cosmic clouds sheltering secret, incredible worlds, where roam bright or dark beings.


Présentation of works

Christian Rolland chooses the format of his paintings according to his subjects. His pictorial approach rests essentially on the use of the acrylic paint in which he associates with the need the oil, the sprays, the reliefs in the filler and sometimes the sand, his "dust of stars".

During the work on the canvas, after some marks in the charcoal, he uses his pallet only as medium to put down the dough of tubes there and does not make mixtures of colors there; these are realized directly on the canvas so allowing a work everything in delicacy, the creation of harmonious assemblies of quality, colored climates or unlike somber depths, unlike delicate tones and rich in subtle nuances... Translating us in the closer its feelings and suggesting us the unspeakable.


Respect for the work of the artists and for Cosmic Paints

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